Waste Not Kitchen is the brainchild of sisters Leysa Ross and Janene Draper. Leysa had been fundraising for Women’s Refuge and asked her sister, Janene, for some food from Farro. When Janene offered slabs of canned tomatoes, the response was hesitant.

Many families are not always able to access other ingredients or the kitchen utensils required to make a meal. So the sisters set out to devise a “quick fix” meal that was healthy and nutritious.

Meanwhile, Janene and James, co-founders of Farro, had been looking at ways they could save surplus retail meat from landfill and talked of establishing a soup kitchen to use the meat as a core ingredient. Together the sisters came up with a plan to achieve both their goals - The Waste Not Kitchen Charity.

The Mission

To achieve zero meat wastage in New Zealand, by re-purposing surplus meat to nourish the lives of those in need.

It’s a win win for everyone!

Selling the soups on a 1 + 1 basis helps Waste Not Kitchen to be sustainable. All money received is reinvested in the charity so we can make more meals and provide employment opportunities.

The inspiration for Waste-Not Kitchen came from the desire to provide people in need with a ready-to-heat meal made from nutritious good food that would otherwise not be used. Our soups are a nourishing meal ready in just a few minutes – like a hug in a bowl! - Leysa Ross, GM Waste Not Kitchen

Being a leading, responsible food retailer committed to reducing our footprint and looking after our environment, I am excited to be supporting Waste Not Kitchen. Farro is on a mission to see zero meat wastage in New Zealand and is thrilled to be able to use Farro’s surplus meat in Waste Not Kitchen soups to nourish the lives of those in need. - Janene Draper, Farro Co-Founder

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